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Nari @30 seconds

In the last two decades, the way the trend of showing women in the advertising world has increased, it is necessary that this matter be investigated. Through this book, it is an attempt to tell what are the reasons that women are shown in everything from papad, lipstick, shaving machine, car, home banking service to entertainment. Its socio-economic and practical aspects are easily presented in this book. Although today women are equal to men in every field, in such an advertisement, there is a conspiracy of the market behind the introduction of women in real terms, or in fact, a new dimension has been given to female freedom or empowerment through advertisement, many such questions The answer is woman @ 30 seconds.

Life made their paths cross again. Time changes everything, be it the way people think or their priorities. When they meet again many years later, it starts as a professional relationship and then becomes something different.

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