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Love is Beyond Everything

Kabir has been in love with Aditi for as far back as he can remember, and as far back as he can remember she has been in love with Maan, who also happens to be the father of her daughter.

Aditi cannot get over Maan, though she has tried so many times, and failed miserably on each occasion. Her daughter Kaavya tries to help her mother, but it is Aditi’s best friend who comes up with a grand scheme that is bound to help her get over him, a scheme that involves Kabir, and his unrequited love.Yes, the novel is about this bloody Faquir. He breaks all the rules and experiments with life, before finally doing something only a madman can do! Though he is a madman but there’s a method in his madness.
The book sheds light on the rampant honour killing and how it happens in India, irrespective of numerous laws being made to stop this practice of brutal killing. This story of madness, murder, revenge and pure love talks about human emotions, relationships, deep love and sacrifice. It talks about the bond that happens between two steadfast and stubborn individuals who fall in love like meeting up of two rivers – smooth and gracious.

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