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what is halfcrow ?

halfcrow is a self-publishing company that simplifies the author’s journey by providing an easy to use publishing platform. we help authors publish, print, distribute and sell their books globally and offer 100% royalty.

Why should i pay to publish my books ?

While the author creates the manuscript, there are a host of other things that need to be done to get a book market-ready. For example, an author who only has the manuscript ready will require services such as cover designing, typesetting, eBook creation, print and distribution services to successfully sell his/her eBook & print. If you chose halfcrow , you need to pay only for the services that you choose to buy.

Difference between self and traditional publishing ?

In traditional publishing, the publisher will hold copyrights for your work, pay a royalty up to 15% on an annual basis and will take about 1 to 2 years to publish your book.

In Self-Publishing, you will hold 100% copyrights for your work, earn 100% net royalties on a monthly basis and can publish your book in less than a month or two.

How much time does it takes to publish my books ?

Your book will be published in about a month or two, based on the services/package that you choose.

Who decides the price of the book ?

Authors have the complete authority in pricing their book. Few things to consider before pricing your book will be:

  • Your target audience’s affordability
  • Printing & Distribution Cost
  • Price of other books in the same genre and category

Our Project Managers compare price of other books in the same genre to the price of your book to arrive at an ideal MRP. This will help your book to be priced competitively in the market.

Will i be able to see a sample before the book goes for print ?

You will receive the Print Ready Files of your book, before your book goes for print. Only on your approval, the files will be sent for Printing. This way we can avoid errors in the book and produce the book the way you desire it.

What is self-publishing ?

Self-publishing is a book-publishing method in which an author invests in his own book to publish it. The author owns the copyrights to his book and, hence, has higher control over the royalty. The responsibility of creating the book, distributing it, and marketing it usually falls on the author’s shoulders itself. An author usually works with many people at every step in this whole process. Halfcrow provides sensible publishing solutions, guidance, and support to help you do this successfully.

What's the best choice for the sales of the book when it comes to hardcover versus paperback and color versus B/W ?

Choosing the paperback version of the book is highly recommended, and the black-and-white version is best to keep production costs to a minimum.

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