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About us

Our Story

Halfcrow is a recently established Publishing House started by a group of young and enthusiastic writers and entrepreneurs who believe in the power of words, with a mission to create a platform for young and aspiring writers. If your dream is to become a published author, it would be our endeavor to help you reach to the right audience.

Our Mission

We publish books in all the segments which include fiction, non-fiction, poetry, self-help and academic books. We work with literary agents and publishing partners throughout the country, and achieve effective distribution through a comprehensive network of distributors and representatives.

What We Do

The supported publishing model allows you to have full creative control over each step of the publishing process. While we provide our expert guidance along the way, we never forget that it’s your book. After you contact us, we will assist you on choosing the best package to suit your needs, and we will discuss formats and design with you as we lead up to production.
Publishing house that is one with your creativity, passion, and values
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